Trump rips 'chain migration,' $300B cost, 1 immigrant can bring in 120 more, 9.3M in decade

(Worthy News) – The Trump administration is expanding its war on liberal immigration practices, targeting so-called “chain migration,” a costly loophole that allows a legal immigrant to bring in relatives even if they are unskilled and destined to go on welfare.

A package released by the White House found no benefits to the practice, and instead put a $300 billion annual cost on immigration, claimed that the overwhelming number of relatives let in do not have proper job skills and indicated that there is virtually no end to the “chain” that can be tapped to enter the U.S.

In fact, one of several charts distributed by the White House showed that a single immigrant could be responsible for getting another 120 into the U.S. — legally. [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More…) ]

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