Iran Threatens to Destroy Israel's Tel Aviv, But Gulf Arab States Appear Closer to Former Foe

(Worthy News) – Iran’s army chief warned Monday that his country would immediately lay waste to Israel’s commercial capital of Tel Aviv should Israeli leaders make any mistakes.

The threat came just a day before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to take the stage to deliver a U.N. General Assembly speech widely believed to center on Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East. Israel’s traditionally dismal relationships with other countries in the majority-Muslim region have shifted, with some Gulf Arab states reportedly moving away from a decades-long boycott established after Israel’s founding in 1948 and the subsequent expulsion and exodus of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

Iran’s Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, however, expressed Tehran’s staunch opposition to Israel, which has joined the U.S. and Gulf Arab states in lobbying the international community to contain Iran’s expanding sphere of influence with increasing urgency. Mousavi warned that Israel would likely not exist in 25 years if it remains on its current geopolitical path. [ Source (Read More…) ]

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