White Christians represent minority of U.S. population, but religious right says it still has might

(Worthy News) – Progressives say a poll showing white Christians in the minority is evidence that President Trump’s voter base is dwindling, but veterans of the religious right say rumors of the movement’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

The Public Religion Research Institute survey released Wednesday found that 43 percent of Americans identify as white and Christian, down from 81 percent as recently as 1976.

Robert P. Jones, CEO of the research institute and author of “The End of White Christian America,” said the data suggest that Mr. Trump’s “unlikely victory is better understood as the death rattle of White Christian America” rather than its resuscitation.

“Twenty years from now, there is little chance that 2016 will be celebrated as the revival of White Christian America, no matter how many Christian right leaders are installed in positions of power over the next four years,” Mr. Jones wrote in an article in The Atlantic a few days before the survey was published. “Rather, this election will most likely be remembered as the one in which white evangelicals traded away their integrity and influence in a gambit to resurrect their past.” [ Source (Read More…) ]

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