Netanyahu pummels media, accuses ‘fake news industry’ of trying to topple him

(Worthy News) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a seething attack on the media Wednesday, accusing the press of playing up a pair of corruption investigations against him in an effort to end his premiership.

After devoting several minutes to extolling his own virtues as prime minister, boasting that “Israel is a rising world power thanks to its economic, military and diplomatic strength,” Netanyahu turned his focus to the media, in particular its coverage of weekly protests near Attorney General Avichai Mandeblit’s home, during which activists have been calling for the prime minister to be indicted in the corruption cases against him.

“The fake news industry is at its peak, and the goal of the protests is to indict me at any cost,” he told the crowd of rowdy Likud supporters at a rally near Ben Gurion Airport. Estimates put the crowd at 2,000-3,000.

“They cover enthusiastically [and] without end the left-wing protests every week,” he said. “The same protests whose goal is to apply improper pressure in order that an indictment will be filed at any cost. [ Source (Read More…) ]

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