After more than yearlong ban, MKs permitted to visit Temple Mount

(Worthy News) – The Jerusalem District Police announced Wednesday that starting next week it will allow lawmakers to visit the Temple Mount. The decision comes more than 18 months after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu barred all MKs, Jewish and Arab alike, from visiting the volatile site.

While there is no law on the matter, the police enforce a general ban on Jewish prayer at the holy site, on the grounds that it would be inflammatory. The High Court of Justice has upheld the police ban as long as it is deemed necessary to keeping the peace. There is no provision preventing Jews from visiting the Temple Mount, however.

But soon after a wave of terrorism erupted in 2015, Netanyahu issued a directive specifically forbidding MKs from visiting the Temple Mount in an effort to avoid aggravating the delicate security situation. The prime minister’s decision followed a police recommendation to that effect. [ Source (Read More…) ]

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