India court rules privacy a right, throwing ID cards into doubt

(Worthy News) – India’s top court ruled on Thursday that individual privacy is a fundamental right, a verdict that could derail the world’s largest biometric ID card program now under way.

A nine-member bench heard petitions denouncing the mandatory use of national identity cards, known as Aadhaar, as an infringement of privacy. There have also been concerns over breaches of data.

“The judgment read out so far only says that the right to privacy is a fundamental right, protected by Article 21 (of the constitution on the right to life and personal liberty),” Prashant Bhushan, a senior lawyer who was party to the case, told reporters. “Any law, like the Aadhar Act or any other law, which seeks to restrict the right to privacy will have to be tested on the touchstone of Article 21.” [ Source (Read More…) ]

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