Nearly 100 Evangelical Leaders Met With White House Staff for 'Listening Sessions' Last Week

(Worthy News) – Donald Trump’s White House expanded its engagement with faith leaders last week by holding three different listening sessions that featured nearly 100 different Christian leaders and activists, participants have told The Christian Post.

“The White House has continued to have listening sessions with evangelical leaders and they had three more this week. Almost 100 evangelicals [participated],” Moore, who heads a public relations company that serves many notable evangelical pastors, said Friday. “Each listening session was about two hours and involved briefings from administration officials and an opportunity for folks to express their thoughts on various issues.”

Moore explained that each meeting featured different groups of leaders. The Thursday morning meeting, Moore said, featured a multi-denominational group of ministry leaders while the Thursday afternoon meeting featured mostly leaders from the Southern Baptist Convention. [ Source:Christian Post (Read More…) ]

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