Clashes erupt at Temple Mount as Muslim worshipers return to site

(Worthy News) – Thousands of Muslim worshipers entered the Temple Mount on Thursday for the first time in nearly two weeks, many shouting in delight as they did so, and violent clashes erupted between Palestinians and Israeli security forces at the compound.

A police officer was lightly injured after a rock was thrown at his head, police said.

Channel 2 reported that 10 police officers were injured in the ensuing clashes.

Some 115 Palestinians were treated for injuries both inside the compound and in the surrounding area, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent. A spokesperson said the injuries were mainly caused by rubber bullets, burns and bruises. Fifteen people were hospitalized, it said. [ Source:Times of Israel (Read More…) ]

After Temple Mount clashes, Palestinian leaders warn of possible ‘explosion’ Friday

Palestinian joy and declarations of victory at the lifting of Israeli security measures at the entrances to al-Aksa Mosque turned into anger and predictions of possible large scale violence on Friday, after clashes erupted Thursday afternoon when Palestinians returned to the shrine for the first time in two weeks.

PLO executive committee member Wasel Abu Yusuf termed the behavior of the Israeli security forces “very dangerous,” after thousands streamed into the mosque compound on the Temple Mount for afternoon prayers.

While police said the Palestinians began the violence by throwing stones, Palestinian leaders said it was the police who were responsible for starting it. Nasser al-Kurd, a Palestinian merchant, told Al Jazeera television that merchants trying to bring candy into the compound were beaten by security personnel and that angry youths responded by throwing stones. “Soldiers kicked us, beat us and took the candy from us,” Kurd said.

“Tomorrow is Friday prayers, and today the leadership called on people to come and pray at al-Aksa,” Abu Yusuf told The Jerusalem Post. “The results tomorrow depend on the army, police and security bodies. If the suppression and closure of gates continues, it will create a battle in Jerusalem. This type of behavior is a spark and makes religious war. This behavior brings us back to the zero point.” [ Source:Jerusalem Post (Read More…) ]

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