Star Wars redux: Congress eyes space to counter Kim Jong Un in North Korea

(Worthy News) – The day national security planners feared and anticipated arrived this month when Kim Jong Un’s regime successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile theoretically capable of hitting Alaska. But with the North’s threat looming larger than ever, the high ground for U.S. ICBM defenses might not be ground at all.

Space-based missile defense has caused political scuffles and faced skepticism in the halls of Washington since the Reagan administration’s ill-fated Strategic Defense Initiative, more infamously known as Star Wars.

Now, the concept is getting new life as North Korea’s fast-paced pursuit of nuclear ICBMs has spurred talk of more missile defense in general. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill see an opening this year to push forward with the long-debated expansion of America’s missile shield in space, including sensors and even interceptors reminiscent of President Reagan’s proposal. [ Source:Washington Examiner (Read More…) ]

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